Book-hunting: Sometimes things are not what they seem…

I woke up one Saturday morning at about 6:00 am and checked my email.

I found a “lead” for a family that’s downsizing from a 7 bedroom house to a smaller quarter and so they are selling most of their stuff.

I saw these pictures:

I saw heaven : books in the shelves.

Here’s another picture.

I saw more books in the back.

This chair caught my eye too.

I’m a pinkphiliac. I love anything that’s pink.

So off we went to the canyon area of Pacific Palisades.

It’s about 20 miles (32 kms) one way from our place.

Here’s the map: (click for bigger picture)

We even got lost in the canyon.

Google map brought us to the fire road which was closed to cars.

We had to ask directions from 2 ladies who were walking their dog.

They told us to go all the way down to the foot of the mountain and then take another road back up.

This  just increased the distance from 20 miles to about 30 miles.


By the way, this “canyon” area of Pacific Palisades just screams $$$.

Lovely houses. Great view of the Pacific Ocean. Gated Community.

So, we arrived at our destination.

We looked for the room with the books.

But – it turns out that the wall was “custom painted” with pictures of books.

Take a look.

Here’s another one.

We were tricked by the picture

But it was a beautiful home and it was nice to see the inside of that place; inside the lives of the rich.

We didn’t leave empty handed though.

We found a beautiful 2-pc chair that’s exactly “me”.

Although these french country style chairs does not match anything we have in our apartment, they still managed to find a place in our home.


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