Book: The Expedition to the Philippines by Frank D Millet

My hubby takes the credit on this one.
He went solo, on his lunch break, to an estate that is letting go of some items.
He was excited to show me this book that he bought about the Philippines without even realizing that it could be special
As I opened the first page, I already saw a hand written letter.
See below.
And another letter…. which is….
a personal note from the author, Frank D. Millet, to Captain Harper, dated December 1899.

So we did some research and found some info about the author.
Francis David Millet (Frank D Millet), American artist, was born in 1846.
According to the JSS Gallery website:
“If there was anything important going on, Millet seemed to be there. It would be on his way back to New York from London alone (without his wife and family) that he would finally find himself in the right place but at the wrong time. On Sunday April 14th, 1912, Millet booked first class passage on the maiden voyage of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic. At 2:20 am the following morning after having struck an iceberg, she sank below the surface of the cold North Atlantic. Francis Davis Millet was last seen helping women and children into lifeboats.

Can you believe it? What a guy! What a life!”


2 thoughts on “Book: The Expedition to the Philippines by Frank D Millet

    1. dementedchris :

      Got here via a link on the Filipino Book Bloggers blog. :) This was really an awesome find. I’d be completely overjoyed if I came across something like that!

      Hello there! I just recently joined the group hoping that I would get inspired to keep on blogging =) The book remains in my TBR pile but you are right, it is an awesome find =)

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