Bookstores and Ebooks

When the news hit yesterday about Borders closing it’s remaining bookstores by the end of September this year, I can’t help but feel sad. Although I frequent Barnes & Noble more than Borders [because it is closer to where I live], I love bookstores in general. Big bookstores, small bookstores, used bookstores, antiquarian bookstores, and libraries. I love going through the aisles, and feasting my eyes on the many layers of books. But that’s just not enough anymore, so I am worried. How do we save these bookstores?

A few months ago, I received an e-reader as a gift. I have used it a few times but it just dawned on me that I do not enjoy reading a bunch of text on a screen. I miss holding an actual book, feeling it’s pages as I read, smelling the printed paper. I know we are all trying to do this Eco-friendly stuff, but maybe we can just keep on recycling other things instead?

I have decided that I will not buy eBooks if I can help it.  I will buy books from bookstores again. It doesn’t matter which bookstore, independent or not, new or used, but I will avoid eBooks. I want to be able to have random conversations in a bookstore, collect first editions, or collect old and new copies of books. I want to buy books and appreciate the beautifully printed covers. I want to adorn my walls with books and the shelves that carry them. Let’s not forget the random Ex Libris!

I do not want to miss these things if the era of the bookshop culture ends.

Let’s keep the printed word alive.


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