Austen & Austen-Inspired Movies & TV series

I’m a Janeite and my love for Jane Austen extends to the movies & TV series inspired by her novels. Aside from collecting Jane Austen books, sequels and pastiches, I also collect DVDs [and soon Blu-ray I guess :)]. I love watching them over and over again.

Here’s some of what I have in my library:

Pride and Prejudice [1995 TV Series]

Pride and Prejudice [2005 Movie]

I just love the 2005 version – not to mention that I also love Matthew MacFadyen! I wish the movie was a little bit longer so we could have seen more of Elizabeth, Mr Darcy and all the other P&P characters.

Bride and Prejudice [2004 Bollywood Movie]

I love Bollywood! and Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson. I cannot count how many times I have seen this movie and shared with family and friends. I plan on watching this again.

Lost in Austen [2008 TV Mini-Series]

I love this tv series too. And like the others, I have watched this several times =)

Emma [1996 Movie]

This is still my favorite version of Emma.

Emma [2009 TV mini-series]

Sense & Sensibility [1995 Movie]

Persuasion [1995 Movie]

Mansfield Park [1999 Movie]

Becoming Jane [2007 Movie]

So there you have it.  

I still have a long list of Jane Austen movies & TV series that I want to have a copy to add to my collection. I’ll save it for another post =)


2 thoughts on “Austen & Austen-Inspired Movies & TV series

  1. Wow, I am amazed with your movie collection. You are truly a Janeite! I’ve only watched two of the movies above: Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley) and Sense and Sensibility (I can watch anything with Alan Rickman on it!).

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