Driving Los Angeles to Portland, Day 1 to Ashland Oregon

We started our drive from Hollywood at 6 am and with 5 people in the car, it took us at least 2 stops to synchronize our need to use the restroom and when to get food. We made numerous stops and McDonald seems to be our favorite in this road trip.

We decided to take the I-5 North despite the California  farm smell along the way because it is a straight shot. For a more scenic route, 101 North is an option.


First stop from LA is Buttonwillow, CA.


And then Coalinga, CA.


We had lunch in Sacramento and we even stopped at the state Capitol to take some pictures.



We continued on the I-5 and again stopped at a rest area in Colusa, CA.


In Lakehead, CA is where we met a very friendly dog who hangs out at the local Chevron gasoline station. We stopped by at the same place on our way back to LA but we didn’t see him again.



And after 674 miles, 12 hours driving and numerous stops, we finally reached Ashland, Oregon which is about 20 miles past the California-Oregon border. And this was our first overnight stop.


Ashland, Oregon is a beautiful little town. Quaint and magical. I am glad we stayed here and maybe we will come back in the future and stay longer. I love the catch phrase from this website http://visitingashlandoregon.com/ : “Ashland, Oregon, Easy to miss, hard to forget”.    It is so true for me.

For my review of Flagship Inn of Ashland, where we stayed at, please click here:




  • For this trip, we filled up gas 3 times at least, on a V6 cross-over SUV.
  • As you drive north on I5, Mount Shasta will be on your right. But the view going south on I5 was better for me when we passed by it.
  • The “Oregon Welcomes You” sign is located a few miles once you pass the border (check your google map or GPS). It is on an up hill part of Interstate 5 and is on your right. There is an emergency parking area so you can stop and take a quick picture of the sign.

To read Day 2, click here.


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