Austen & Austen-Inspired Movies & TV series

I’m a Janeite and my love for Jane Austen extends to the movies & TV series inspired by her novels. Aside from collecting Jane Austen books, sequels and pastiches, I also collect DVDs [and soon Blu-ray I guess :)]. I love watching them over and over again.

Here’s some of what I have in my library:

Pride and Prejudice [1995 TV Series]

Pride and Prejudice [2005 Movie]

I just love the 2005 version – not to mention that I also love Matthew MacFadyen! I wish the movie was a little bit longer so we could have seen more of Elizabeth, Mr Darcy and all the other P&P characters.

Bride and Prejudice [2004 Bollywood Movie]

I love Bollywood! and Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson. I cannot count how many times I have seen this movie and shared with family and friends. I plan on watching this again.

Lost in Austen [2008 TV Mini-Series]

I love this tv series too. And like the others, I have watched this several times =)

Emma [1996 Movie]

This is still my favorite version of Emma.

Emma [2009 TV mini-series]

Sense & Sensibility [1995 Movie]

Persuasion [1995 Movie]

Mansfield Park [1999 Movie]

Becoming Jane [2007 Movie]

So there you have it.  

I still have a long list of Jane Austen movies & TV series that I want to have a copy to add to my collection. I’ll save it for another post =)

Giveaway Winners Announced for Why Jane Austen (via Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog)

My first time to win a Jane Austen-inspired book! =)

Giveaway Winners Announced for Why Jane Austen 52 of you left comments qualifying you for a chance to win one of two copies of Why Jane Austen, by Rachel Brownstein. The winners drawn at random are: Jennrenee who left a comment on 28 June 2011 Pinkseele who left a comment on 08 July 2011 Congratulations ladies! To claim your prize, please contact me with your full name and address by July 20th, 2011. Shipment is to US addresses only. Thanks to all who left comments, and to author Rachel Brown … Read More

via Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books [May 2011]

[This is a late post.]

This year’s “Festival of Books” was held at the

University of Southern California (USC) near Downtown Los Angeles.

We couldn’t make it on opening day because we were too busy book hunting =)

so we made it there on the 2nd day.

Here are some authors we saw at the book event:

D.J. McHale

R.L. Stine

Lisa See

It was a super hot day, but it all became so worth it when I saw the JASNA booth

(Jane Austen Society of North America – which I am a member of).

I took a peek at who was signing, and I saw one of my favorite authors Syrie James =)

I collect her books! My heart melted and I could not stop smiling.

I was so happy and excited that I had to buy another copy of her book,

just to have it signed by her!

Here is Syrie while signing my book:

This is now one of my most cherished books, because she signed it:

We’re looking forward to next year’s event.