The Last Bookstore Charity Parking Lot Sale 08.06.11

We attended the “The Last Bookstore Charity Parking Lot Sale” this morning and based on what we saw, it seemed like it was quite a success. Hopefully – because all net proceeds from the sale will benefit homeless children 🙂

Check the pictures below:

This was the line before they started. It’s longer than what my phone could capture.

I tried to take a picture from across the street, I still could not fit the whole line in =)

So I ended up with 3 boxes of goodies, approximately 50-60 books  =)


Los Angeles Times Festival of Books [May 2011]

[This is a late post.]

This year’s “Festival of Books” was held at the

University of Southern California (USC) near Downtown Los Angeles.

We couldn’t make it on opening day because we were too busy book hunting =)

so we made it there on the 2nd day.

Here are some authors we saw at the book event:

D.J. McHale

R.L. Stine

Lisa See

It was a super hot day, but it all became so worth it when I saw the JASNA booth

(Jane Austen Society of North America – which I am a member of).

I took a peek at who was signing, and I saw one of my favorite authors Syrie James =)

I collect her books! My heart melted and I could not stop smiling.

I was so happy and excited that I had to buy another copy of her book,

just to have it signed by her!

Here is Syrie while signing my book:

This is now one of my most cherished books, because she signed it:

We’re looking forward to next year’s event.