Discovering Los Angeles Downtown Arts District

I worked in the wholesale garment district of Los Angeles back in 2002-2006. I do miss this area once in a while especially that there had been so many developments in downtown in the last few years. This Sunday, after coming from Little Tokyo’s Woori Market on Alameda & 3rd St, we started driving further east on 3rd and found ourselves in the Arts District. I never knew about this area coming to life! I must have missed it. I took a few pictures while driving and I promise to go back and try out some of their gastropubs and organic coffee shops. Oh yes, and take more photos.


The Last Bookstore Charity Parking Lot Sale 08.06.11

We attended the “The Last Bookstore Charity Parking Lot Sale” this morning and based on what we saw, it seemed like it was quite a success. Hopefully – because all net proceeds from the sale will benefit homeless children 🙂

Check the pictures below:

This was the line before they started. It’s longer than what my phone could capture.

I tried to take a picture from across the street, I still could not fit the whole line in =)

So I ended up with 3 boxes of goodies, approximately 50-60 books  =)